Student Feedback Questionnaire (SFQ)
At HKUST, Student Feedback Questionnaires (SFQ) Survey is administered to all undergraduate and postgraduate students at the end of each term to provide feedback to the University the quality and effectiveness of their course learning experience.

Instead of having just one standard questionnaire for all kinds of sections, different standard questionnaires are made available for various types of sections and teaching roles (see the table below).

Departments have the option of adding additional questions chosen from an approved question bank to the standard SFQs. However, in order to keep the questionnaire at a reasonable length, the maximum number of additional questions for a survey is kept at 5.

SFQ No Note 1 Student Feedback Questionnaires Number of items Description
SFQ1 Lecture-based sections 14 For sections that are taught mainly by lecturing
SFQ2 Team-teaching lecture-based sections 16 Note 2 Similar to SFQ1 but it consists of questions on team-teaching. It is suitable for sections taught by multiple instructors and they are working together as a team
SFQ3 Seminar / discussion-oriented sections 11 For sections where students learn mainly through class discussion and lecturing is not the main teaching activity
SFQ4 Project-based sections 14 For sections where project work plays a key role in students learning and lecturing is not the main teaching activity
SFQ5 Language learning sections 12 For sections offered by Center for Language Education (CLE)
SFQ6 Laboratory sections 11 For laboratory sections. Though, existing university regulations about SFQ survey do not require laboratory sections to be evaluated by students, feedback from students should help instructors to conduct laboratory sections in a way that is more conducive to learning
SFQ7 Online sections 14 For sections that are taught in an online platform
SFQ8 Independent / group project-based sections 15/16 For sections in which students learn mainly through working by themselves or in group on a project under the supervision of an instructor
SFQ9 Activity-based sections 16 For sections in which learning through practical activities (other than laboratory work) plays an important role.
SFQ10 Sections adopting an outcome-based approach 15 For sections adopting an outcome-based approach
SFQ11 Sections adopting a blended learning approach 19 For sections adopting a blended-learning approach
SFQ12 Sections adopting an experiential learning approach 19 For sections adopting an experiential learning approach
SFQ_TA1 Tutorial sections - TA 13 For TAs teaching in tutorial sections
SFQ_TA2 Laboratory sections - TA 13 For TAs teaching in laboratory sections

Note 1: SFQ1 to SFQ12 are for instructors while SFQ_TA1 to SFQTA2 are for teaching assistants (TAs).

Note 2: It varies with the number of instructors in the team-teaching's section.