Undergraduate Intake Survey (Intake Survey)
Target population All undergraduate (UG) intake students of each academic year
Response mode Compulsory. It is part of the course requirement of the Healthy Lifestyle Course (HLTH1010), a required course for all year 1 undergraduates
Response rate Close to 100%
Period of data collection Annually from September to October
Questionnaire Intake Survey 2018
Survey results Results of Stakeholder Surveys
Enquiry first.year.survey@ust.hk
Description In order to establish a student-centered learning environment, HKUST has developed the Intake Survey which focuses on understanding the background and needs of UG students at intake. It was first launched in 2007 and throughout the years, the questionnaire used has been periodically reviewed and revised, if needed, to collect systematic and useful data. It now covers the following areas:
  • Academic experience in pre-university education
  • Out-of-class activities in pre-university education
  • Planning and preparing for university education
  • Getting Started at HKUST
  • Goals and expectations for UG study
The Intake Survey also forms the first of a series of Annual UG Student Surveys Note. Together they provide the University with data covering essential aspects of all UG students and their UG experiences.

At the close of data collection, anonymous response data of the survey will be consolidated and made available to schools, departments and support units.
Note: It includes Undergraduate Intake Survey, First Year Experience Survey (FYES), Second Year Experience Survey (SYES), Third Year Experience Survey (TYES) and Student Engagement and Satisfaction Questionnaire Survey (for final year students, SESQ).