Student Engagement and Satisfaction
Questionnaire Survey (SESQ) for UG Programs
Target population All graduating undergraduate (UG) students of each academic year
Response mode Voluntary, with lucky draw to encourage students' participation
Response rate 40% to 50%
Period of data collection Annually from April to June
Questionnaire SESQ 2020
Survey results Results of Stakeholder Surveys
Description The SESQ is an exit survey firstly proposed in 2006 and launched in 2007 to collect feedback from final year students. During its development, consultation was made with relevant stakeholders which included representatives of Schools/IPO and support units. Efforts were also made to review relevant research literature, in particular overseas studies on student engagement (e.g. NSSE).

The questionnaire used has undergone a revamp in structure in 2013. Since then, it comprises of a core set and a special focus set of questions. The core set covers broader areas that are common to all years of study, whereas the special focus one addresses areas specific to final year students. In 2017, the SESQ was further revised to align with the experience surveys of other years, for the purpose of cross year comparisons. As one in the series of Annual UG Student Surveys Note, the SESQ now covers the following aspects:

A. Core set
  • Overall evaluation
  • Academic experience
  • Other learning experience
  • Relationships with teaching staff and peers
B. Special focus set
  • Learning outcomes
At the close of data collection, anonymous response data of the survey will be consolidated and made available to schools, departments and support units.
Note: It includes Undergraduate Intake Survey, First Year Experience Survey (FYES) and Student Engagement and Satisfaction Questionnaire Survey (for final year students, SESQ).