HKUST Exchange Program Questionnaire
- Incoming and Outgoing Students
Target population All incoming and outgoing undergraduate (UG) students
Response mode Voluntary
Response rate For incoming students: 25% - 35%
For outgoing students: 55% - 65%
Period of data collection 3 rounds each academic year:
For incoming students: (i) November - December; (ii) April - May; (iii) July - August
For outgoing students: (i) January - February; (ii) May - June; (iii) August - September
Questionnaire For incoming students
For outgoing students
Survey results Results of Stakeholder Surveys
Description Starting from 2013/14, a questionnaire has been set out to collect feedback from both incoming and outgoing UG students about their exchange experience to ensure the effectiveness of HKUST exchange programs and facilitate future improvement. The questionnaire covers the following aspects:
  • Reason(s) for choosing Hong Kong / HKUST (for incoming students only)
  • Accommodation (for outgoing students only)
  • Interaction with local students and adaptation
  • Difficulties encountered
  • Effectiveness of exchange program
  • Overall level of satisfaction
All data were collected online and at the close of each round of data collection, aggregate results will be consolidated and made available to schools, departments and program offices.