Alumni Survey I
Period of research 2009
Sample A random sample of 5000 undergraduate (UG) graduates from 1994 to 2007
Response mode Voluntary, with token of appreciation to encourage alumni's participation
Response rate 42.7%
Period of data collection January to March 2009
Questionnaire Alumni Survey I
Description In 2007, the University took the initiative to develop an alumni survey to collect feedback from graduates about their experience upon graduation. During its development, consultation was made with relevant stakeholders which included representatives of Schools and support units. Efforts were also made to review relevant research literature. The survey, which was named as Alumni Survey I, was first launched in 2009. The purposes of Alumni Survey I were:
  • To find out HKUST alumni's perceptions of how UG programs at HKUST have helped prepare graduates for their careers and contributed to their personal growth;
  • To provide additional feedback on the development of the four-year degree.
The research questions were formulated as follows:
  • What general competencies are believed to be important for career success?
  • What UG experiences contribute to career success?
  • What relationship exists between the career development of graduates and their UG experience?
  • What do the alumni believe should be implemented for the new 4-year curriculum?