Alumni Survey II
Period of research 2013
Sample A random sample of 7700 undergraduate (UG) graduates from 1994 to 2010
Response mode Voluntary, with token of appreciation to encourage alumni's participation
Response rate 45.1%
Period of data collection February to June 2013
Questionnaire Survey for graduates of 2006 or earlier
Survey for graduates of 2007 or 2008
Survey for graduates of 2009 or after
Survey results Results of Stakeholder Surveys
Description Based on the results from Alumni Survey I, in 2012, the University put up a second alumni survey to extend the findings from the previous survey. During its development, consultation was made with relevant stakeholders which included focus groups with alumni. Efforts were also made to review relevant research literature. The survey, which was named as Alumni Survey II, was launched in 2013. The purposes of Alumni Survey II were:
  • To find out HKUST views on the nature of competencies essential to effective work performance;
  • To provide insight on how their experience of transition from university to workplace;
  • To collect information related to their career development.
The survey covered information related to the following areas:
  • Nature of key competencies essential for effective job performance in early career alumni;
  • Preparedness of fresh HKUST graduates in the key competencies;
  • Challenges fresh HKUST graduates encountered on transition from university to work;
  • Stage of career development;
  • Career Success;
  • Current Employer Particulars.
Data collected from the survey is aggregrated and analysed. Summarized results and relevant analysis were disseminated to schools, departments and support units.